Maternity Center at Faith Community Hospital provides convenience for growing families.

When it comes to maternity care, few healthcare facilities in the region can offer comprehensive care before, during and after pregnancy. Luckily for local residents, Faith Community Health System (FCHS) provides a convenient choice with a Maternity Center at Faith Community Hospital (FCH). Whether it’s your first child or your next, the regional medical center in Jacksboro boasts a specialized medical team and a state-of-the-art facility providing enhanced comfort for growing families.

“Pregnancy is a journey for both the mother and father. At Faith Community Hospital, our Maternity Center is focused on making new families feel right at home,” says Joy Henry, chief nursing officer at FCH. “We understand that the birthing experience is different for each mother. That is why our facilities are designed to make delivery as streamlined as possible to eliminate any unnecessary stress.”

Featuring four private suites, the maternity center at FCH supports labor and delivery of babies in a single place. Babies can also be delivered via cesarean section, commonly referred to as c-section, in a special suite, eliminating the need for the mother to be transferred to the hospital’s standard operating room. The overall streamlined approach to delivery eliminates the stress of moving mother and child from one room to another. Each patient room in the maternity center also accommodates beds for both mother and baby, as well as a sleeper chair so that a loved one can stay throughout the experience.

“We are extremely proud of the capabilities we have here in Jacksboro, especially in a time when many other hospitals in our region – and across the state for that matter – are reducing or even eliminating critical services,” Henry says. “The obstetrics capabilities at Faith Community Hospital are now a cornerstone of services provided for families in our region.”

A multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals at FCHS can offer diagnosis and treatment of potential and unanticipated maternal-fetal complications that might occur during labor, delivery and postpartum. Also, the hospital has medically supervised CRNA’S who can help with epidural/spinal pain control, as well as 24-hour radiological and laboratory services for fetal monitoring.

Currently, there are six board-certified family physicians practicing obstetrics at FCHS: Dr. Shivum Agarwal, Dr. Erika Crutcher, Dr. Jeremy Johnson, Dr. Lara Pierce, and Dr. Brent Shepherd, and Dr. Shawn White. Each of these providers has been key in helping growing families with pre- and post-natal care, in addition to delivering babies at the FCH Maternity Center.

Henry says pre- and post-natal care and education programs are also available at the hospital, in addition to a newborn hearing screening program.

“Families are at the core of any strong community. That is why we are committed to providing area residents with the healthcare programs and services they need and expect,” Henry adds. “Whatever the stage of life you are in, we’ll always be down the road – ready to respond at a moment’s notice.”

Located just off Main Street (Hwy. 281), the FCHS campus opened to much fanfare in 2015 anchored by the $25 million, 80,000-square-foot hospital. Nearly triple the size of the old facility on Magnolia Street, the replacement hospital was designed according to modern building codes and with future expansion in mind.

To learn more about maternity services in Jack County or to tour maternity facilities at FCHS, please call 940-567-6633.