To Our Residents and Patients,

We have just completed our “year of Covid-19” that started in March 2020 and fought by your side through it all. We consistently stuck to the CDC and DSHS guidelines, followed our state association legal guidance and worked together collaboratively, even when it was not popular and often criticized.

First and foremost, our prayers go out to the individuals and families who have lost loved ones or seen harm due to this malicious virus. We know it was hard, but we also saw the good in our community as you reached out to help those in need. This is not entirely over, but it seems we have made it through the worst, and should all appreciate that we did it together.

We congratulate all of you for keeping our infection rate low in Jack County. All of the decisions were made and continue to be made with your best interest in mind, including not adding to the fear by exaggerating stories, reporting misleading statistics, or over-testing. We started the fight with you, and we are going to see you through to the end.

We are doing everything in our power to receive and dispense as many vaccines as possible.  We have given every single dose that we have received with ZERO waste, while even vaccinating our school district staff members and many of the elderly. Our vaccine clinic out at Twin Lakes Activity Center is operating extremely efficiently and will remain open as we continue receiving more vaccines. Please find our Jack County Vaccine Clinic Online Registration form on any of our social media accounts to place yourself or any loved ones 18 and older on the list. Stay tuned through social media for more vaccination information as it becomes available.

Our purpose is to serve you, 

Jack County, City of Jacksboro, Jacksboro ISD, and Faith Community Health System

COVID-19 Vaccine Registration: