Wellness is more than just freedom from disease and illness.  It implies that the individual has chosen a lifestyle that promotes good health, including physical, emotional and mental wellness.


Workout schedule details in the link below:

Wellness Workout Schedule

Swan Family Wellness Center is predicted to open in early 2017


For any questions or updates, feel free to contact Wellness Director Joe Copeland at 940-216-2257

The FCH Wellness Department is committed to helping our community achieve the highest state of wellness by providing health-related education and resources.  These programs and services take place in the form of:

  • Healthy Living and Weight Loss Support Groups
  • Diabetes Education Programs
  • Mobile Mammogram Unit in partnership with the Montcrief Cancer Institute
  • Ladies of Faith
  • Hispanic Ladies of Faith
  • Seniors of Faith
  • Fitness Classes such as Bootcamp and Zumba
  • Summer Fitness Classes for Teenagers
  • Personal Training
  • Swan Family Wellness Center (to be open late Fall 2016)

– Community Partnership Events

  • Simply Sensational
  • FCH Wellness Fair
  • Understanding & Navigating the Medicare System
  • Current & Changing Drug Abuse Trends
  • Back-to-School Fair

Questions or Comments?

If you would like to learn more about the FCH Wellness Department and related programs and services,

please call Joe Copeland at 940-216-2257