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EMS Department Celebrated May 17-23

This week, Faith Community Hospital joins other emergency medical providers to honor Emergency Medical Services Week. FCH Emergency Medical Services is on call 24 hours a day, and ready to respond 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

“The added dimension that our EMS department brings to Faith Community Hospital is one of great importance, without them we could not continue to fulfill our mission of providing immediate care in cases of emergency,” Frank Beaman, CEO at FCH, said. “When seconds count it is EMS that lays it all on the line in their selfless commitment to excellence.”

The emergency medical technicians and paramedics of the FCH EMS may be called on at any time to care for victims of car wrecks, heart attacks, chemical spills, house fires, or tornados.

Perhaps the most dreaded call for the EMS service is the call to the scene of a motor vehicle accident, especially when a child is involved.

“When there is an accident we are always very concerned, but when a child is involved it’s really heart wrenching. The fact is that most major injuries to a child incurred during an automobile accident are preventable,” Paramedic Jeff Miller, director of FCH EMS said.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, when properly installed, child safety seats are effective in preventing minor reducing fatalities.

“The fatality statistics speak for themselves, child safety seats, when used properly, save lives! The time it takes to ensure a child’s safety pales in comparison to the tragedy of preventable injury.” Miller continued. “As EMS personnel, we are trained to be prepared for every imaginable tragedy, but little can prepare you for an automobile related fatality of a child. You never know exactly what you’ll find at a wreck. We may have to help extricate the victims from the wreckage or be faced with a fire in the automobiles. Every wreck is different, calling forth diverse skills from us. First Responders on the scene tell us over the radio what kind of injuries to expect upon our arrival, so we don’t go in unprepared. Communication is a vital factor when seconds count.”

Because of the vast spaces, Jack County has one of the most highly developed communications networks for emergency care. Residents in Jacksboro and the surrounding area depend on the skills of the FCH EMS to provide important emergency care.

“Agreeing to serve the community as a member of the Emergency Medical Service is a commitment to excellence. We don’t get a second chance to do procedures correctly. We have to be right the first time, every time. Our commitment to the community has to be that our training and skills practice prepare us to do whatever is necessary in emergency situations,” Miller said.

“As we honor the staff and volunteers of FCH EMS during National Emergency Medical Services Week, we are reminded that children are too often the innocent victims of preventable tragedies. Faith Community Hospital and FCH EMS are committed to reducing preventable injuries to children. Join us in this commitment, before you drive next time make sure that you and your children are buckled-up,” Beaman concluded.

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