Faith Community Health System (FCHS) CEO Frank L. Beaman has been selected as one of the Top 10 Inspiring Leaders for “Industry Era (IE) Magazine’s” 2022 special issue. The prestigious recognition highlights Beaman’s inspiring leadership through the challenges the regional health system has faced throughout recent years.

“I cannot think of a stronger leader than Frank to highlight what a dedicated advisor can do to help an organization achieve through persistent vision and team empowerment,” explains Lori McBrayer, board president of FCHS. “Wading our hospital and facilities through various challenges, including COVID-19, Frank has helped us strengthen our bottom-line while expanding the availability of healthcare programs and services throughout the greater Jack County region.”

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Beaman has been in the CEO role at FCHS for 12 years and has led the organization from almost certain closure to a thriving health system, including a hospital, an emergency medical service (EMS) fleet, a wellness center, four health clinics, and four nursing homes. Soon, the health system will also operate an additional level IV trauma designated emergency room with outpatient services in Bowie.

In the magazine feature, Beaman says the expansion from a single hospital to a health system was imperative to preserve the availability of healthcare services in the region. A move that has certainly paid off.

Beaman attributes his and the health system’s success to its incredible team of board members, medical professionals, and staff members. He says that everyone who works for FCHS contributes to the organization’s mission every day.

“If you are not moving forward, you are backing up,” Beaman explains. “The world is still moving. If you are standing still, you will be run over.”

FCHS has not only been able to overcome the odds, but its success comes just as other hospitals in the region have either shuttered or cut essential services. FCHS has provide access to patients from other communities with expanded abilities and positions, providing the region with much-needed professional care and local convenience.

“I am beyond honored to be regarded as a ‘top leader,’ but this recognition would not be possible without everyone who helps us provide healthcare programs and services for the region,” Beaman adds. “Engaging everyone at Faith Community Health System has helped us achieve our successes throughout the years.”