Faith Community Hospital would like to remind everyone who was affected by the recent tornados that professional counseling services are available at the hospital. 

Bryan Ray, Licensed Professional Counselor, is available on Wednesdays in Jacksboro to assist individuals and families who are having difficulties dealing with the recent events. 

Post Traumatic Stress can be felt by individuals who were present at the tornado site, but also by parents who’s children were in danger, family members of those affected and by entire families who have been uprooted from their home.  Also symptoms of traumatic stress may arise days or even months after an event.  If you need help dealing with the changes in your life as a result of circumstances outside of your control, either now or at a later time, we urge you to reach out and let us assist you. 

Appointments can be made to see Bryan in Jacksboro (on Wednesdays) by calling Graham Psychological Associates in Graham, (940) 549-2259.  Graham Psychological Associates has five counselors, including Bryan, who are available in the Graham office Monday through Friday.