Faithful Testimony by PT patient Bob Maddox:

Why you came to Faith Community Health System:

  •  P/T following knee replacement

Your experience:

  • AMAZING!!! P/T began two days following my knee replacement surgery.  It was effortless in booking the P/T appointments on such a short notice.  The staff and therapists were extremely knowledgeable with my treatment.

Who you were treated by:

  • Keely Howard & Tim Carpenter

Words to the community about your care:

  • I cannot imagine why anyone would drive out of town for physical therapy.  My experience was very positive and the results with my knee are good.  At the one-month post-operative visit, my surgeon was extremely pleased that the range of motion for my knee was already at 90%.  Dr. Crofford said that I was “way ahead of schedule’ on my range of motion and attributed a portion of that to the excellent care provided by the Faith Community physical therapists.