Mary Vels


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Professional Life:

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Skill Name


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Skill Name


Skill Name


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Esther WtilmesClient

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About Faith Community Health System

Faith Community HospitalĀ is a community hospital serving the residents of Jack County, Texas. We offer a wealth of medical services including inpatient care, minor surgeries, obstetrics and other health care services.

Rural Health Clinics

Alvord Clinic
115 East Bypass US Highway 287
Alvord, Texas 76225940-427-2858

Bowie Clinic
1010 N. Mill St.
Bowie, TX 76230


Graham Clinic
1005 State Hwy 16 South
Graham, Texas 76450


Jacksboro Clinic
215 Chisholm Trail
Jacksboro, TX 76458


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If you need to contact us for general inquires or comments, please use the methods below. For emergencies, please dial 911.

215 Chisholm Trail Jacksboro,
Texas 76458

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