Seeing a medical provider can be done virtually conveniently from a school’s clinic.

Faith Community Health System’s partnership with Jacksboro Independent School District (Jacksboro ISD) continues to offer parents and students telemedicine appointments for medical care. Utilizing the latest technology, school nurses in Jacksboro ISD schools can conveniently connect with an FCHS provider for assessments, testing, and treatment –from the school’s clinic.

With the parent’s permission, the school nurse will quickly evaluate the student in person before consulting with the child’s guardian for telemedicine. During telemedicine sessions, the school nurse will assist the FCHS medical provider during evaluations by using special equipment.

Based on the evaluation, the provider will give follow-up care instructions and, if necessary, submit an order to your pharmacy for prescriptions.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to participate in telemedicine appointments by attending in-person at your child’s school, listening by phone, or joining through secured video (see the school for details). If a parent cannot join the virtual appointment, a medical provider will follow up with the parent on diagnosis and treatment plans.

Local parents who have utilized the program applaud the service for its convenience and professionalism.

“The telehealth program has been so convenient for my family. No longer do I have to take time off from work for appointments,” says Charla Valenzuela. “My daughter was able to visit the school nurse, get tested, and virtually meet with a local physician – all from school.”

Saving time and gas without pulling a child for extended periods out of school is also a benefit of the new telehealth program.

“It was great knowing my child was safe at school with the added benefit that it saved time out of my day from having to get my kid out of school just to sit in a doctor’s office,” explains Stephanie Swan. “My child was safe to return to class, and a doctor followed up with me to discuss the diagnosis and recommended steps moving forward.”

Many conditions can be treated through telemedicine, including abrasions and scrapes, coughs and colds, earaches, fever, headaches, strep throat and influenza, and pinkeye, among many other common ailments. If an additional evaluation is required, parents may be asked to schedule an appointment with their child’s primary care provider or a provider at one of four local Faith Community Rural Health Clinics.

“When my son was not feeling well, we were able to utilize tele-doc services from the school,” Christina McComis says. “We could video chat with the physician immediately where a diagnosis was made. The service was fast, and we could quickly fill my son’s prescription at a local pharmacy.”

Telemedicine services are provided on a fee-for-service basis, billed through insurance for students with verified coverage. Payment options can be coordinated with FCHS when insurance coverage is not available.

Appointments are never scheduled without the consent of a child’s parent or legal guardian. Talk with your child’s school nurse for more information about the Jacksboro ISD Telemedicine Program.