About Me:

I am a Christian, wife, and mother of two boys. I am from Houston, TX and went to college at Texas Tech University. I received my masters at the University of Texas at Arlington.

What aspect of your job do you enjoy the most?

From a young age, like we are talking five years old, I knew I wanted to be in healthcare. Being the oldest of four siblings I was always trying to be a caregiver to them or bandaging my dolls. Caring for others brings me so much joy and the relationships you build with patients, makes me one of the lucky few who loves her job.

Your role at Faith Community Health System:

I have worked at Faith Community for almost 7 years now. I was the newborn manager the last three years. I loved caring for new life but saw a need for more providers in rural communities that could provide care to all ages of life. I am excited to start the transition to provider at a great facility.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Being surrounded by boys we love to spend our time outside camping, fishing, and hunting. I love good food of all kinds and lucky to be married to a man who is a great cook. We love to travel as a family and make new memories together as often as we can.

Words to the community:

I may not have grown up here, but as soon as I moved here I felt like this is exactly where I belonged. I have fallen in love with the town and the people who live here. When I went back to school, I saw a need for more healthcare providers in rural areas and this was before the pandemic hit. Now I see a community I love and want to take care of no matter what it takes. I am excited to be a part of the Faith team and help care for every generation of patients!