With a giving and kind heart, the Payson Family donated Kain’s Comfort Bears to Faith Community Hospital in honor of their son, Kain Nixon, who was born to heaven at 38 weeks on March 31, 2012.

To honor their son, the Payson Family donates the bears to several labor and delivery wings to offer comfort to the grieving families.

As said by the family: “Just as a tiny stuffed horse and bear were placed in Kain’s bassinet with him in the hospital shortly after he was delivered and then sent home with us to cherish forever, these donated stuffed bears will be given special homes as well. Our hope is that each one will bring some of that same comfort to the newly bereaved parents and families during the most difficult time of their lives by knowing it was snuggled up closely to their precious baby. Let’s spread the love and let families know they are not alone.”

FCH is very grateful for the Payson Families’ kind hearted gift!

If you want to donate to this special cause, please email Jill Payson at jillpayson@gmail.com.