Faith Community Health System (FCHS) has made tremendous progress in expanding healthcare!

As we have experienced the Covid-19 pandemic during the last couple of years, it is apparent that hospitals have demonstrated what a tremendous benefit they provide.  By providing essential healthcare services to those in our region, FCHS healthcare workers have worked tirelessly to provide compassion and skilled care to members of the community.

We observed National Hospital Week this past week. Faith Community Health System honors our healthcare team and highlights the important role hospitals play in our area.

“We express our gratitude to the local healthcare workers that continue to provide compassionate care to those in our community,” says Frank L. Beaman, CEO of FCHS. “Although we are grateful for local healthcare facilities every day, National Hospital Week is a time set aside every year to recognize them for what they do daily. The Covid pandemic has certainly put our team to the test, but they have come through with flying colors,” he added.

Over the past decade, tremendous progress has been made in expanding local healthcare. In 2010 FCHS had only 1.5 medical providers on staff, operating with just seven core services.  This was done from a dated facility without much of the more-up-to-date equipment commonly in use.  However, today the local healthcare system boasts 42 medical providers.  In addition, we offer more than 20 core programs and services, a wellness and fitness center, four rural health clinics and four nursing homes.

FCHS is anchored by Faith Community Hospital, in Jacksboro, which offers a comprehensive range of medical services for the community which includes 24-hour emergency care; advanced radiology services, including CT scanning and MRIs, a clinical laboratory, advanced neck and spine surgery, general surgical services and a maternity center.

“In addition to highlighting the essential healthcare services,” Beaman adds that “FCHS is also a major contributor to the local economy. The local healthcare system is a cornerstone for providing hundreds of jobs in the local region.”

Traditionally, people in rural areas have suffered the most from the lack of local hospitals and medical providers to care for them when they are sick or injured. “One thing that the Covid pandemic has taught us is how important it is to have quality healthcare facilities available. Critical time is sacrificed in providing medical attention when a person doesn’t have access to local care,“ Beaman said.

“We are extremely fortunate to have such a dynamic and growing health system in our region,” Beaman noted. “Residents in our area can be comforted knowing that a team of compassionate healthcare providers are available nearby.” 

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