Faith Community Hospital Texas

Faith Community Hospital 215 Chisholm Trail Jacksboro, TX 76458


Wellness Center

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The Swan Family Wellness Center, a member of the Faith Community Health System, brings Jack County valuable resources to transform your health and wellness.

  • TechnoGym exercise equipment featuring best in class technology
  • Group exercise and fitness classes
  • Professional certified staff
  • Indoor climate-controlled heated pool
  • Wellness education classes

Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine is the practice of changing behavior and modifying activity to improve your overall health and wellness. Our center integrates a team of specialists to help you on your journey toward optimal health. Faith Community Health System’s Lifestyle Medicine Platform & Swan Family Wellness Center can help you make the changes you need to achieve a healthier balance in your life.

Lifestyle 365

Lifestyle 365 is a medically based exercise prescription program that includes the following:

  • Cardiovascular, strength, mobility, biometric, and health risk assessment
  • Monthly personalized exercise program based on individual goals and needs
  • Nutrition support
  • Workout supervision through heart rate tracking
  • Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly re-assessments to ensure progress

Swan Family Wellness Center  

215 Chisholm Trail
Jacksboro, TX 76458
Telephone: 940-567-6633, ext. 379