Service at Faith Community Health System specializes in the treatment and management of wounds.

Chronic or non-healing wounds should never be taken lightly. Chronic wounds can be seen in almost all areas of medicine. Not only can they be painful, but they can lead to amputations or even death. For individuals in the greater Jack County region, help is within reach with the Wound Care Clinic at Faith Community Health System (FCHS).

Launched in 2019, the Wound Care Clinic at FCHS helps area residents with the proper care and healing of wounds caused by an infection or other illnesses such as diabetes.

“Helping patients properly heal from their wounds, no matter the nature or type, and recover quickly is our priority,” explains Kelley Clark, RN, Wound Care Coordinator at FCHS. “Whether it be education and assistance with managing a wound at home, or providing more complex treatment solutions, our team will work directly with patients and their physicians to create the best solution.”

Chronic wounds affect more than 6.5 million patients in the U.S. and often result in loss of work and emotional well-being Without proper treatment, wounds can lead to complications, including, complicated infection, amputations, or even death.

Using advanced wound care techniques, the clinic specializes exclusively in treating acute and chronic non-healing wounds. Experts work with patients with diabetic foot ulcers, leg ulcers, non-healing surgical incisions, skin grafts or surgical flaps, symptoms occurring on or around a point of radiation, bone infection, abscess, skin infections or traumatic injuries – just to name a few.

“Our focus is two-fold, early intervention and detection of underlying condition that is preventing normal healing.,” Clark explains. “As with many health conditions, healing rates can be greatly improved when we get involved early on.”

While some patients are immediately referred to the clinic by their medical provider, Clark adds that some patients come to us after suffering with untreated wounds for weeks or even months.  In general, anyone with an open or reoccurring wound or deep tissue injury that has not healed within 4 weeks or has developed a complicated wound, should consider contacting the wound clinic to be evaluated.

Based on a personalized approach to recovery, each patient is evaluated as part of an integrated 7-step wound care management program with one goal in mind – healing

With individualized patient-focused care, the wound clinic at FCHS utilizes the best clinical practices that are highly effective in facilitating the healing process. Methods often used include surgical debridement, offloading, vacuum-assisted closure, specialty dressing and wraps, cellular and/or tissue-based products (skin substitutes), compression therapy, or surgical interventions.

“Sometimes wound care can be as simple as applying appropriate dressings that stimulate healing. Sometimes, more intricate care is needed,” Clark says. “By customizing our approach to the patient’s individual needs, we can provide the proper care that makes a huge difference in recovery time and outcomes.”

If you or someone you know suffers from pain or complications related to non-healing wounds, the Faith Community Wound Clinic may be an option. For more information, please call 940-567-4054. A referral is not required but if you have one, it can be faxed to 888-835-6946.